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Programmatic Display System

In order to link publishers' ad space with demand partners, a JavaScript code template called Header Bidding is used (Google AdX, SSPs, DSPs, and Deals). Programmatic demand partners are able to participate in the same ad auction, resulting in increased income for publishers.

You may use iAdx's header bidding via the publisher's ad server or straight into a website's source code to deploy it. Prebid.js is used to operate a hybrid prebid.js auction, which combines bids from both client and server-side connections. An ad server, like Google Ad Manager, may be used to run it without making modifications to the website's source code.


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Showing, We can support real time your earing with publisher dashboard.

  • On Publisher Dashboard, all data of your earning Impression, Click, eCPM and Revenue.
  • You can get full control of your account in your publisher dashboard.
  • Supported 24/ 7 days with personal Manager account to get highest revenue.

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Support All Ad Types, We supported various types of Banner Ad Sizes, Footer, Interstitial and Video

Banner Ad Types, Supported the best eCPM bidding ad types of 300*250, 300*600, 720*90, 320*480, 970*250, 300*100 banner.

Footer Ad Types, Supported the best eCPM bidding ad types of 720*90 Footer Sticky.

Interstitial Ad Types, Supported the best eCPM bidding ad types of 300*600 Interstitial.

Video Ad Types, Supported the best eCPM bidding ad types of 300*250 Video.

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